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I had a dream that I reported an line website for false advetising and taking money from me for doing so. Can I please have some help.  I need a number for this now please.  Thank you so much


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reported 810 7450

website 339 4440

false advetising 672 9067

Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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sounds like someone knows your buisness and they are  spreading false rumors about you, the better buisness bureau is a place where you go to find anykind of info about buisnesses just be care ful how you tell your buisness to poeple

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this  is  if you  used  a  phone


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In response to logo

call 518


1/28/2009Late-Chicago (3-Ball, IL)158

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Thanks everyone for your help with this also. I haven't been telling my business to anyone lately.  There is a problem when I do this. 

I called and wrote to the BBB and got a quick response in this dreamer.  Yes, I can.  we will do the also.  Bye for now.

110 is the number on my mind for now.  It came out yesterday here in Maryland.  Thanks Alot LOGO.

Lastnight however, I kept a fixed dream of 147 it was disturbing alittle.  seeing as though this number repeated itself twice within 12 hours or so.  I was jaded, but feelin better.

lol. Smile


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