let me kno

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 ok guys i would really like to know if anyone out there are playing my numbers and getting hits. if u are let me know so i can keep posting. watch those numbers from the old list please. they are goin to bring u more hits. plus the ones that i post daily








 Make money while u can!!!!!!

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Well I was watching your numbers for off and on, butlately Iv'e noticed that they were actually dropping, and alot of STraights tooo!!!!!!!!!

Thats why I said in one of my posts too, you need to start playing your own numbers, and at least let us know that you are actually Making money...

Motivate us to... even if you only put a lil something on them!


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thanks longisldchinese . i play wat i like, but i will defiantley start playing them next week. aftr i do some more work lol. jus was really watchin this week, bu ti iwll definately let u kno how much dougyh i make next week!!!

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LMAO oh my goodness. dougyh.

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I know tropical  gal meant DOugh (as in money) but that wanna look like DOe-  gg--  yy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THis is soooo funny...

I needed this laugh though!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi tropical gal,

I am new but have been reading lots of threads, I would definitely like you to post. I have not hit because I have been trying different things out but I also have been watching your posts and here lately your numbers have been pretty good for Illinois. There are only a few threads for Illinois compared to some of the other states,so Ihope that you will continue to help out. I know that I will start hitting soon. Thanks!

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