I could have won the hoosier lottery $5.5 million


If only I had played my powerball numbers for hoosier lottery.

I did get a quick pick with 4 out of 6 and won $27 and also won 2 free tickets. This is very upsetting and almost makes me want to cry!


No sense in crying over it, it won't bring you the money. It wasn't meant to be at this time.

Back around 1987 it was 2 days until a bi-weekly payday and I had the choice of buying my newborns needs and had just enough to get my wife a pack of smokes or play my Pick 6 that I always played 04-06-13-15-38-39 I bought her the smokes and all six of my numbers came out that night.

By the way, I did lock myself in the bathroom for about 4 hours and cried. lol

We're no longer married but she still smokes.

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That sucks.  I think I would have been selfish and put in my numbers instead of buying her some smokes (although I personally would not buy anything like that, let's just say it was gum or something like that...I still would have put in my numbers because you can't win if you don't play; she could get some smokes any other day, especially after you hit).  I speak from the experience of a married man whose wife doesn't believe in playing the lottery...the one time right after she found out I played the lottery and we had an argument/discussion about it and I decided to honor her stance and not play the numbers I had written out to play for the draw that night...yes, they hit but I didn't have a ticket so the jackpot rolled over.  Like you, I was pissed off for days and I even gave her a guilt trip about by letting her know what she had cause US to miss out on.  So now, her stance hasn't changed, but what has changed is that I now choose to respectfully disagree with that stance and continue playing.

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OldSkool- I think that its better to never win at all then to have you numbers come up and not have a ticket for that drawing. When a person numbers hit and you don't have a ticket for that drawing, would you continue to play those same numbers? What are the chances of those numbers ever hitting again?  If it happened to me I think they would have to be admitted me for psycological help.

Bang Head

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ouch i am sorry to hear that wow that would hurt like hell. just curious how much the jackpot was?

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"What are the chances of those numbers ever hitting again?"

Exactly the same as they would be if they hadn't come up. What if you were actually destined to win, and blew it by changing your numbers because they came up when you didn't play?

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Yeah, but I know that (knowing my luck) if I played my usual numbers, then a different set would have been pulled in the drawing.

That's how it goes here.

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um.... look at the title of this thread...

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I coulda woulda shoulda so many times!!! The worse was in 1995, my share would've been 18 million!!!! A small wheel of my numbers would have hit it!! The most recent was just a few days ago. .I had the feeling I should play but ignored it.. a small wheel of my numbers, red, blue and green numbers would've hit Fantasy 5 for $168,000.

I think the trick is . . don't give up and don't  beat yourself up.  What it means is that-------> you can win!!! Must stay positive and open and listening to your intuition-----Forgive yourself and go on.

Also, write down in a journal everything that happened and try to learn from it. Did you have a feeling you should have played such 'n such, a dream, ? etc.

Learn to "read your own mind".

Where ever you got those numbers from that won, even tho you were not paying attention at the time, there's plenty more numbers where those came from!!! SEE?

Good Luck and God Bless,



there is sense in crying, such a thing will really hurt, i will not wish it on nobody....That's as hard as losing a family member [at least to me]...

sorry to hear that....

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I don't mean to be the one stirring things up, but one can have a set of numbers for powerball, and then watch all the draws all over the world and go like "if only i would have played my powerball numbers in the Argentina lottery or the CA lottery, or the ...".

Or any other lottery.

If you look at the results like that you will get upset a pretty bunch of times.

Lots of people do the same in the pick3 & pick4 games, "my number (e.g. 012 for AZ) hit in Tri State eve, if only i would have played my number there"...

Don't look at it that way, you'll get dissapointed to often...


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If you would have played then those numbers probley wouldnt come up thats always my luck when i dont buy tickets my numbers hit and when i do i wasted my money but its only money right.

I know it sucks but keep your head held high your turn is comming soon.

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