How Cash 4 Number Drawn??

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This week I want to share some of myideas about Cash 4 numbers. I do not spend a great deal of time on cash4 mainly because I just happen to like cash 3 better. And your probablyasking yourself why? Especially in light of the fact the reward is tentime greater per dollar. I know that is crazy...but I just like cash 3.I have said in previous posting that a cash 4 numbeer is a cash3 withan extra number added on the front. Therefore, when trying to come upwith a cash 4 number always use the back three numbers form youworkout. 

So lets pretend for a moment that you have three back numbers inmind for cash 4...then to create you number all you have to do is do iswhat I call walk these numbers down. Let say that the back threenumbers you have in mind is 325... so you would put a0325-1325-2325-3325-4325-5325-6325-7325-8325-9325-0325. Remember alwaysend up with what you start off as a means of checking youself. Thiswhat I call walking the number down. In cash 4 the most frquently usenumbers are the o...4...5...and the 9's...So if you cannot afford touse all ten numbers use these four instead. In this way you have betterthan average chance of one of these being the number used. Good Bye andGood Luck!!!

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Mr. Lottery15,

Thanks for the tip..just maybe I can hit a caash 4 number before i leave this world.

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