Best System for TEXAS ??

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I was wondering what the best system to use in texas would be ... ? thank you


Texas has 6 different games, which one are you playing?

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Pick 3 sorry

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There are plenty of pick 3 systems that you can try for Texas. There isn't one system for one state, it usually for the game type. Which often works very well for certain state but don't on many others. The best thing to do is give it a search in the forum for "Pick 3 system" and see what comes up. Then use the system for back testing to see how well it works in Texas, and adopt it. Keep in mind that no system works consistently all the time, so monitoring the history and keeping track of new numbers helps with this. Also, having more than 1 system for a game is ideal, to compare which works best and when.

Best of luck!

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Yep. What diamond said.

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Here's a couple of heads up for Texas:

If I were looking for a niche play for the DAY draw, I'd make sure I had plenty of 0 (zeroes). 13 draws have produced no 0 in the DAY draw. 

For the NIGHT, my picks would center around the sum of 15. Last it was seen was 10/4/2008 in draw 4679. Saturday was draw 4775. That means is has been absent 96 draws.

Now, over the last two years it has averaged 11 draw skips, with the longest being 34 ending in April, 2007. At this point every NIGHT the sum 15 does not hit, it sets a new skip record in the Texas NIGHT drawing.

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