a friend of mine dream in nc

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hi all my friend girl dreamed she was emptying her trash outside when this crazy man comes up and tries to kill her. She some how made it in her home where she has 2 knifes and he has 1 knife she screams she has called the police and there on there way (which she was lying to him)So he trys to go out the door when she cuts him several times on the arm. she gets in her car when she sees him talking to some people she trys to scream but nothing comes out so she blows her horn on the car. Her house number is 309

Also he stabbed 3 people also.


Trash: 466 686

Knives: 774 744 150 474

Horn: 316 715 301 030

ladidiamondc's avatar - batman38
In response to chouquounette

Thank you very much!


You are welcome.. Good Luck!

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