NHL bets 01/16/09


        switching gears a little.....all NHL and all over 5


   NJ/Columbus 1450/1000

ANA Pitt 1850/1000

  NYR/Chi 1600/1000


need to go 2-1 to profit.  May bde in hospital for awhile but i will be back.

Win  B  I  G  y'all....Big Smile


         MERCY GOODNESS.....LOST ALL 3!!!!!!!!!


MTD & YTD minus $13,790


  But the best development yesterday i did  NOT  have to go into hospital as infection is better!!  Having my 3rd blood transfusion today tho .. in 8 years.  Damn Diabeters sucks your life slowly if you ain't careful..WIN BIG Y'ALL!!!!1

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