Birthday today

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Hello and good morning, any thoughts of what to play today?

I'm in Illionis, turned 41 today. born 1-16-68


Thanks for your time

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Happy birthday to you theguynextdoor,and may u have all the blessing you need,enjoy your day.Party

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HAPPY B-DAY.....I like 441.401,141,and 641 wish you the best...GOOD LUCK

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See Ya!Hello Bahama-papa Im adding 155 by that

                 before its sold out!

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In response to henfield

Thank you very much henfield, I was just grateful that I woke up this morning. Will make it a good day today. Have a great weekend!

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In response to bahama-papa

Thank you bahama-papa,

I'll play them today and the next few days!

I appreciate your time!

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In response to theguynextdoor


$$ 041 $$

$$ 8961 $$

Good Luck!

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two nieces birthday today 41 and 14 good luck

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In response to riley

Hi Riley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 104   014   124!!!!!!!!!!!!!
242! 1424


Loving that number! My husband will be 41 tomorrow!  You'll didn't hear that from me though!!! I won't let him see this post! LOL

Happy Birthday guynextdoor.  May you live to enjoy many, many, many more!!! And that u hit it big today on your birthday!!!!!

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Happy Bday to you theguynextdoor may you live to see many more.

hit it big today.

don't miss it, 041 141 241 341 441 541 641 741 814 941

Good Luck!!!!!!!!



Party                       Party                      Party

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Hello everyone, thanks for the birthday greetings as well as numbers to play.

I will stick with 041 until it comes out!

Good luck everyone and thanks for the suggestions to play!

Mark a.k.a. theguynextdoor

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In response to theguynextdoor

happy birthday guynextdoor i like the 401 and 419 also the 416

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Happy birthday may God bless u..

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In response to theguynextdoor

Happy Belated BirthDay! I like

014 - 410

4168, 1846.

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