Pick 3 Repeating Doubles

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Ever seen a repeating double like 334 and next draw 722? Im sure you have and was wondering where in the hell did that sh** come from. I was once in that position as well but I have found the cure (at least for my state). Track your state to see if it comes often. Here is how this little equation go. You will take the 34 pair from 334. Add them and subtract them. You will then have 7 and 1. Take the 4 and spit it in half. You will then have 22. Combine them both. Tada! you will then have 122 and 722. This does not apply to odd numbered doubles like 677. Only EVEN numbered doubles. Try it!!

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Interesting idea. Can you use a real result and do the calculation on it for demostration purposes? I am not sure where 7 and 1 came from after subracting 34...

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Hey Jordan,

sorry to bust your bubble, but thats not what happen. i won $10,000 tonight in you state on triple 333, and i can prove to you where it came from. Hint "334". The 722 came from another ball set that the state moves in and out to throw off "NEWBIES" like you. Sorry, I learned the hard way, but was schooled here by some great members. Send me a PM and I will go into detail.



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I hit 383.  And you r right somewhat 722 was v-trac 333!

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add and subtract the pair (34) 3+4=7, 4-3=1

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In response to Jordans121

Ah, interesting. Let me do some back testing on GA to see how effective this is.

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North Carolina got 442 tonite on evenning 208 for the day draw so for the night i will do 6 +2  and then divide which will give me 1 and the number will be 611 and 211  I have 2 questions do I play on days or nights? how do I find out about the v-tach systems? 

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