Virginia scratchers now display top prize odds


It must be kind of recent.  I haven't bought a scratcher in over a year, though.


But I don't remember the odds for the prizes ever being listed anywhere, until today when I looked at them at the store.  I'm glad to see that they now say what their top prize odds are.  The most info I used to get is how many prizes are estimated to be left and how many prizes were printed.  Now the ticket says for example, 'odds of winning top prize: 1 in 480,000' etc. Approve


actually I just remembered, on the back they did use to say what the overall odds are, for example something like 'overall odds of winning: 1 in 4.8' etc.  but it used to irk me beause it was all the thousands of little prizes that are a big part of the 'overall' odds, and I wanted to know the odds of the higher prizes 'only'.

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