$1.00 PA Barn Ticket 100 dollar winner

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So today I walked into the beer story to visit my friend D. I bought a pack of Malboro Reds, After that I had one dollar left concidered buying a drink or a 1 dollar scratch off, I then decided to buy a 1 dollar scratch off and my buddy picked the Barn ticket for me. I started scratching to then reveal I won 100 dollars, They said they never seen 100 dollar winner it's very rare on a $1 dollar ticket. I'm wondering if anyone else has had good luck with $1 tickets. If so what kind.


Keep Scratching,



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what did you give your friend for picking a winning ticket??


Despite the fact that $1 are indeed the worst odds in winning, my single biggest winner to date has been on a $1 tic. I hit $5000 (top prize)on a "Fast 50" in the Massachusetts Lottery. Odds were 136,000 to 1. In fact they only print 150 top prizes out of the more than 50 million tickets printed. Talk about a needle in a haystack. Despite that win, I usually stay away from the $1 tix. I should also mention that that particular winner was a ticket I got for free as part of a now defunct recycle program.  


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Nice win man, I had a $100 prize with a 1 dollar ticket here in ny  "take 5", my mom had one about 2-3 weeks later on a $1 game

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Thumbs Up Congrats!!  Party


Congrats! Big Grin

One of my 7 $100 winners came on a $1 ticket back in April 2005.  I had $3 in quarters and used that to buy a $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic and a $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks.  I scratched off the Junior Jumbo Bucks and on the bottom row, I uncovered a Jumbo symbol for 5 times the prize.  I scratched the prize and it had $20 under it......Jumbo $20 = $100.  The $2 Jumbo was a free ticket winner.  I've got a picture of that $100 winner in my blog (my 1st blog post) along with a little story about what happened after that big win. Wink

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Congrats on all the wins. Very Interesting stories. Out of respect when you win do you usually tip the person who picked it for you?

When I wont the 100 dollars I asked my friend if he wanted money he said no. So I gave him $10 dollars anyway and he was happy.

He plays all day long he works at a beer store so of course he dosn't care. Now if it was a huge winner i'm sure everyone would start

talking to me asking me for money. Cousins I never knew I had would be poping out of the wood-work to try and get $$ lol!

Despite all of my bad tickets I've won on a dollar ticket and the chances are rare. How does this happen!!

Also don't you hate when you spend $20 dollars on a ticket and lose?


Have a good one guys.

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The most I've won on a $1 ticket was $25.  I don't buy $1 tickets though...   Here's a list of my winners...

$1 ticket...  $25 (tennessee)  (My mother did win $105 on a fast 5 ticket from TN in 2004)

$2 ticket... $100 (tennessee)

$3 ticket...  Never purchased

$5 ticket...  $75 (Tennessee)

$10 ticket...  $200 (Tennessee) (2 $100 winners)

$20 ticket...  $500 (Florida)

--  $20 tickets are my favorite because I have won $100 from TN 3 times and 5 times from Florida.   

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