a few dreams

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Draemt of my friend baleslady, she's 39 I think.

Dreamt of Boat 2 nights ago, and also dreamt of  my dead Great Grandmother who was 86 when she diedIt seems like the few times I dramt of her, she came to tell me that someone I know or close too is going to die.

THe last time I dreamt of her, my grandFather Died.

I pray that all is well with me and my family and that she was just saying hie and no more!

Also dreamt of myself on this big picture frame in My Grandmothers house, and in the picture, I started to actually talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LOL, guess you don't see enough of me, so I'm in your dreams now!!!!

Hope your dead great grandmother aint tryna take me, if so I rebuke her in the name of Jesus! lol. 

I'm actually liking the 039/390.  Hey and remember Mrs. Scriven's birthday is coming up this week.  start playing her old and new age.

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Oh yea you right!  thanks for the reminder child!!!!!!!!!!

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