Bringing in New Ideas = New Members

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You would think some of these guests that have spent over 1350+ continuous minutes in the forums would sign up for free membership at the least... So my question is how do we draw more guests &/or members to this website for more ideas, new ideas, or different ideas... Any suggestions??? Currently I'm informing friends, family, and co-workers that I now play lottery to visit the site and sign-up, but what else can we do? Thanks for the suggestions, Pogo

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People are coming, it takes sometime before anyone decide to join. There are a lot more watchers than there are performers. I believe once people are looking for a specific information they will come and ask, or when they want to share a specific information they will come and share it.

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I have mentioned the site to a lot of people who play quick picks. I mentioned that there are people at lp who have free software. And that if they wish to ask questions and post --that =all they need do is sign up for free membership.

you might want to mention a few people for them to do a search on .

probably you're favorite posters

Some people are here for years even before they decide to register.

Even longer before they might even speak up.

I know I had a problem posting in the beginning because of a security setting.

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Hi Pogo!

Good question. I have had quite a few people PM me and say they are shy about posting even though they are members. They don't wish to sound "dumb" with questions they may have and so forth on the forums. There's probably a lot of that going on here, people PM'ing each other without participating on the board. 

I,too,have told quite a few folks about the LP but have yet to see them join. Unless you are a "lottery junkie" like the lot of us here,lol, I tend to think people don't bother unless this is their passion. Casual players probably do more "guesting" than "posting". And that's okay. I think when a certain thread catches someone's eye then they will sign up and make a comment or share an idea.     


So my question is how do we draw more guests &/or members to this website for more ideas, new ideas, or different ideas......I think you just answered your own question,LOL. Hopefully the "guests" are reading this thread and it will put a spur in their bottom to join us! C'mon,folks,don't be shy! Big Grin 

I'm not sure what kind of advertising Todd does. I've never seen the LP advertised in a magazine and that's understandable seeing how very expensive it is for that sort of thing. It can cost $300 for ONE WEEK in the classified ads in,for example, the National Enquirer,lol. And that's not a fancy ad either,just a plain old 20 word text ad. 

Todd? How can we help you advertise besides word of mouth???

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Im a new member (2 wks). I try to reach out to people via posts and or PM. I get very little response either way. Like "yes"  and "no". Awkward, like there is a virus that will magicly creep into your computer if you reply with more than one word (lol). 

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In response to Jordans121

Welcome Jordans121!

I have heard that also about the responses. That's too bad but I see you haven't PM'ed me yet,LOL. I give more than yes or no answers,hee! Wink 

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In response to Jordans121

Keep in mind that many of the popular posters get overwhelmed with questions, and sometimes even getting a word is better than nothing.

I know that many of them greatly appreciate being asked generic-type questions on the forums, rather than in private, because in a public setting answering with a full answer is much more valuable -- every person who visits the thread will see their response.  

But if asked in private, it can be hard to justify giving fully-worded reponses to three dozen people per day, especially if they log in from work, or if they have a busy day.

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For Example, I have been asking the same questions since becoming a member. Questions that need to be explained not simply yes or no. That is how we all benefit. That is why we are here. Right? Why bother replying at all? This is why I posted my concern in the forum rather than PM. Still have not got a response.

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In response to Jordans121

All I see in your list of posts, is V Trac, Online Gaming and Bringing in New Ideas = New Members. 

We don't really discuss online play because our host would prefer we limit discussion to what we can play without risk.

The site has been up forever in web years, very hard to find something new in lottery that hasn't already been done to death.  New people tend to ask old questions.

V Trac, most people would prefer you read the existing info first.

Where this site is advertised?  It's listed on almost every search engine, directory that matters and quality lottery site known to man.  Anyone looking for lottery information will stumble across it on their first or second search.


In response to Jordans121

Here is your opportunity to ask a question and get an answer... Can I help you?

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I have already read the existing information on vtracs and mirror states and  it is not working for me all that well. I'm pretty sure there are others who feel the same way. Don't assume anything. There are members here who posted Georgia as a mirror state and claims it can be a unique way to play the game. All I am saying is dont just throw stuff out. Back it up. Where's the proof?

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As a general reply to the entire thread here, Lottery Post has never been more popular!

At this point (right now, today) Lottery Post is ranked #3,508 out of every web site in the world.

To give an indication, we have passed:

  • (#3510)
  • (#3513)
  • (#3548)
  • (#3552) - only a few official lottery sites left to go
  • (#3555)
  • (#3600)

The only lottery sites worldwide with more traffic than Lottery Post are:

  • California Lottery
  • Florida Lottery
  • New York Lottery
  • Pennsylvania Lottery
  • Virginia Lottery
  • Texas Lottery
  • Ohio Lottery (barely, not for long)
  • Illinois Lottery
  • - maybe only for another 6 months or so

That means Lottery Post receives more Web traffic than:

  • Arizona Lottery
  • Colorado Lottery
  • Connecticut Lottery
  • Delaware Lottery
  • Idaho Lottery
  • Indiana Lottery
  • Iowa Lottery
  • Kansas Lottery
  • Kentucky Lottery
  • Louisiana Lottery
  • Georgia Lottery
  • Maine Lottery
  • Maryland Lottery
  • Massachusetts Lottery
  • Michigan Lottery
  • Minnesota Lottery
  • Missouri Lottery
  • Montana Lottery
  • Nebraska Lottery
  • New Hampshire Lottery
  • New Jersey Lottery
  • New Mexico Lottery
  • North Carolina Lottery
  • North Dakota Lottery
  • Oklahoma Lottery
  • Oregon Lottery
  • Rhode Island Lottery
  • South Carolina Lottery
  • South Dakota Lottery
  • Tennessee Lottery
  • Vermont Lottery
  • Washington Lottery
  • Washington, D.C. Lottery
  • West Virginia Lottery
  • Wisconsin Lottery


  • There are no non-USA lottery Web sites ranked higher than Lottery Post
  • Lottery Post is ranked higher than every other non-government lottery Web site on the Internet.  So, think of any lottery Web site not run by the government, and Lottery Post is ranked higher than it.

Kinda puts things in perspective, eh?

But it doesn't mean that we can stop getting the word out there, it just means we're making progress.

I greatly appreciate everyone's help in getting the word out -- through word of mouth, links on web sites, by spamming a bunch of people through e-mail, etc.!

Thanks, and have a nice day! Smiley

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Well said Todd. Way to lay down the facts man!

In response to Jordans121

Let me say first that if you have a negative attitude in this forum you have nothing to gain.  I am not assuming anything.. You obviously need help, I offered it to you... I don't need to prove anything to you. Numbers take a lot of studying and lots of hours.. Either you believe in them or you don't.  I suggest you read the thousands of threads on this site since its inception and maybe you will become a little more knowledgeable about the systems.... Good luck!

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Wow. Impressive. Keep it up. I sure will do my part to help this site be even greater.

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