Newbie Trying to Figure Out the Best Way to Begin

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Hi All,

I'm new here and been reading the boards for a while.  Any advice on the best place to begin? There is tons of information here and it is quite overwhelming. I've been following some of the predictions and notice that there are quite a few good predictors here.  I do notice that the predictors lists about 40+ numbers, how do you pick the best numbers without going broke trying to win? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the LotteryPost Like2Win... You'll enjoy your stay here... As far as where to start, anywhere is great - because it's all good!!! C U In the forums - Pogo

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Thanks Pogo.  Looking forward to sharing our winning strategies.

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There is a lot of great info and many wonderful posters here Like2Win. Just jump right in! If there is some particular information or a certain subject you want to find, the search engine will probably come in handy. Anyways, welcome to LP!

See Ya!

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Thanks for the welcome ThatScaryChick! I'm finding a lot of useful information.  Is there one system that you've found that works better than the other when trying to predict numbers?  I guess I'm trying to figure out how many numbers my budget will allow me to play without going broke.  There are a lot of predictors that list 30+ predictions in any given day, how does one decide what to number to play?

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Welcome to LP Like2Win.

Dig into the "Lottery System" section of the forum, there you can start testing out the system that posted by many players. As for predictions goes, play the ones you think that is overdue, or that it contained hot digits within the numbers. This require you to look at your state's lotto history within the last 7 days - 30 days.

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Welcome to the forum.

Not all of the predictors play all of the numbers they predict.

Check out the Lottery Systems forum for ideas on systems and methods.  First decide which game(s) you are looking into, and you will be able to find plenty of information.

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Thanks Diamondpalace, I was studying your 4 x 3 system late last night and I'm going to test it here in Maryland. Thanks for sharing your system.  I'm so glad I found this forum. 

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Thanks Stew12, I've decided to concentrate on the Pick 3 here in Maryland.  Would love to figure out the Pick 4 system, but I know I have to take baby steps.  Here's to winning big in 2009!

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