How Do I Rundown Numbers?? Part 2

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On yesteday I introduced you to how I do my rundown. When any number is drawn basically all that is done is that they go up and down on a number that was prevously drawn. Now going back to my example from yesterday: which was 972...if I was to go up on 972 it would be...072...and if I went down on it it would be those particuliar numbers might not be drawn...remmember I said that their nine other possibilities in each each family that could be drawn. Let's look at the 072 rundown you would have the 872 rundown you have 872-983-094-105-216-327-438-549-650-761-872. Keep in mind that these numbers do not have to be drawn the very next might be three draws or more before a number from one or both of these family of numbers is drawn. Cash 4 would work the same way but it a little more complicate because you still have to determine what the front number will be...I will discuss this in a later posting... Good Bye and Good Luck!!!

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Suggestion: Place all your rundown information in one thread instead of multiple threads: It'll make it easier to follow the Topic and make it easier to locate the information in the future if its all in one thread.

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