V tracs for IL

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I have studied the v trac method for illinois and its mirror states but there is only 1 double v trac. I also cant find any v tracs jumping to IL from mirror states. Is this a profitable method?

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Hey Jordans121,

welcome to LP! I live in Chicago too. I dont use the VTRACS in Illinois because it doesnt work well here at all, for me! Some may beg to differ, however I would have them show you ? You see there is a difference between winning a number and making a profit. Comtact member " TNTEA" for a lesson VTRACS. She seems to be the expert on LP.


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That is who I studied them from (TNTEA). Everybody says Georgia and Florida! But I see nothing in common. Infact, I see more similarities in Missouri. So maybe you are right. Although, I'm gonna give it a try for about a week to see if I win anything. One thing that I do know is that LP's "Lucky" predictions usually has a winning number for Illinois. How he gets them? I have the slightest idea but Check for yourself!

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when you use vtrac for example 415 convert 38/05/49 then you do a rundown

304  309  354  359

415  410  465  460

526  521  576  571

637  632  687  682

748  743  798  793

859  854  809  804

960  965  910  915

071  076  021  026

182  187  132  137

293  298  243  248

all of these numbers come from vtrac 415 the trick is to find the right one.

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OK! I have been using them differently. But  im not going to play 40 numbers off of one vtrac. I'd rather use less numbers and more v-tracs. Ya dig?

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In response to Jordans121

You don't play all 40# what you do is out of the list of 40 you pick the ones you like, also did you know that

541 152 213 324 435 are all related to each other.if you look at the rundown and you convert the numbers to

vtracs the first number will be 541 the second will be 152 the third 213 the fourth 324 and the fifth 435. if you

keep going it repeats. so if you want to play the vtrac 541 out of that list there are 8# to choice.

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In response to tiber

965 box used the above example and got box hitGreen laugh

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