I need to vent


ThudMy picks for Pa quinto mid-day yesterday

53001 50001 10210 50012 21001

Result - 51001

still sick!!!Smash

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You'll get it next time!!

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Turn that "2" up-side-down "5": 21001=51001

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In response to Raven62

Hi Raven62,  I am in OKLA and am fairly new to LP.  I am somewhat (ok, alot) mathmatically challenged, but I am trying dilligently to figure these numbers games out.  Would you please explain the above reference to turning the "2" upside down "5".   I have not run across that yet in all the postings I have been studying.  I am using Shawn67's TTT and Proff Hitts book and trying the 444 mirror vs. non mirror methods.  I sometimes go into overload because I still don't see the patterns yet, so am not sure which numbers to pull because I get so many.  Any information you could furnish will be greatly apprecaited, because I must still be doing something wrong. 

Thank you,


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In response to kimber528

Keep trying! One day you may hit it.

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In response to dikkidu

Look at the shape of the "2" and the "5": When you turn one of them UpSideDown it looks like the other one and vise versa.

PS: The same relationship exists between "6" and "9"...

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