Any NJ Scratcher's?


I have decided to stick mostly to stratch off tickets, except when the other games have huge jackpots.  I'm impressed with some of the methods and predictions I read about on this forum, but I just can not be so bothered with all the math and strategies some of you go through to get a win.  I have a life and I can't spend so much time calculating formula's for wins.  Besides most of the time people aren't even winning that much money, it's like a full time job just to get 1 win a week on pick 3 and 4's, and it takes the whole year for people to accumulate a decent amount.  Too much work, i'll just stick to stratcher's, it's fun for me. 


Anyway, is it true NJ is one of the worst states to play stratcher's?   Any tips for this particular state, I just want to play smart, even if i continue to lose, i'd rather do it in the smartest way possible.

What about those machines at the quick chek and grocery stores?  Worth it?


I'm an NJ scratcher. I can't say if NJ is better or worse than other states, because the only other state I play in is NY. In NY, the prizes are higher for tickets $5 and up, e.g the typical top prize for a $5 ticket is $1 million, and in NJ it's $150k. However, in NY, you get paid over 20 years; in NJ, it's all at once (except for the Win For Life games).

I  look at the NJ lottery web site and read the details on the various scratchers. You can learn a lot this way and make more informed decisions based on what you're looking for in a scratcher. I prefer games that give you better odds at a mid-level prize, even if that means a lower top prize. I know the odds of me winning the top prize are so remote, it probaby never will happen. So, I'd rather get a better shot at $100 or $500. In this regard, "Lucky Gift" is a good $5 ticket. The top prize is "only" $25k (compared with $150k for a typical $5 NJ scratcher), but the odds of winning $100 are MUCH better than other games. The Odds of winning $100 are actually better than winning $20 in this game.

"Big Money Spectacular" is a good $2 scratcher. The payout is 70% (compared with 65% for other $2 games).

It shouldn't make a difference where you buy your tickets (from a real person or from a machine). I tend to buy from a person because that's what's closest to where I live. But, I do buy from a supermarket vending machine if I am there. I won $100 on Big Money Spectacular from a vending machine.


Good Luck!

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