haha. Smoker/Drinker vs Lotto winner(me)


My friend is a smoker and drinker and he spends hundreds on cigerettes and liquor.  It's the same guy who says "lottery is a joke and you're not going to win".   well, he can kiss my butt because I won $500 on the Florida raffle while he's wasted his money and ruining his health

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That'll learn him.

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In response to Stew12

Big Grin One of my favorite quotes!

"Maybe that'll learn ya to keep yer big mouth shut!"

Can you name the speaker? Star  No Googling!!

In response to SmoothJuice

Your friend might end up with the last laugh, SmoothJuice.  In a few weeks (if not days) your $500 will be gone, spend wisely no doubt on wine, women, and song ( the rest you will just blow!).

Your friend will have lung cancer and diabetes to last him for the rest of his life no matter how short that life might be.

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Addictions come in many forms, some may be more hazardous to your health than others.

In response to Todd

     It was Michael Corleone in The Godfather, as he shoots Solozzo and Captain McClusky in Foghorn Leghorn's diner in the Bronx. 

     "Doggone lop-eared varmint," Michael mutters as he lets the seven-shooter slip to the floor. "Maybe that'll learn ya to keep yer big mouth shut!"

     It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I'm pretty sure the quote is accurate. 

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In response to jim695

Close, but no cigar!

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I cheated, so I won't post the answer.  I never would have gotten this one.

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Nice win there!

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In response to GASMETERGUY

But how does he friend end up with the last laugh if he ends up with lung cancer and diabetes? I guess I don't see it how that means he gets the last laugh.

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In response to Todd

Not a movie buff but that sounds like something John Wayne might have said .... at least that's my best guess. What?


BTW, congrats on your win, hope you have many more this year!  Sun Smiley

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In response to Todd

Ah, I couldn't remember so I had to Google!

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In response to ThatScaryChick


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In response to SmoothJuice

exactly.  I may be wasting my money but at least my wasted money won't cost me hundreds in medical bills years down the road!

In response to GamerMom

You're not wasting your money since the money goes towards education or retired people, depending on what state you're from.

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