Madoff vs lottery winners

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I was just wondering and I hope my lottery family have some insight.  Everyone says when you win the lottery, get an attorney, get a financial planner/adviser.  But we now see the scammers (of course they've always been there) stealing money from clients.  How could  you be sure you're not being ripped off by one of your "trusted advisors"?  I guess you can't interview them ahead of time and asked about their honesty and would they really tell the truth?  Just a thought>

Isn't that an appropriate name ? He "Made-Off" With everyone's money.

Thanks all.What?


I would let anyone manage that much money. If I really wanted to make a lot of money I would invest it myself or go to school and learn how to do it myself. That way I would know why I lost my money.

Honestly, if anyone is worried about that, just get a Cedars account or do it yourself and get a lot of CDs at different banks. You won't get top dollar on your money (investment) but at least every single dime would be insured.

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You can get advice from multiple "professionals" and make educated decisions for yourself from there.


Like a previous poster said.  If you win the lottery, learn yourself how to invest your money.  Putting most of it in a CDARS account is a way to insure it.


I wouldn't trust anyone to invest my money.  If I did give it to someone, they would have to earn my trust.  That would be difficult.  People can go from good to bad overnight.


Again, I would learn myself how to invest it.

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When financial security is in place, there will be all the time in the world to learn how to double/tripple/ or creating an ever lasting cash flow.

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