18.4 MILLION Michigan Classic Lotto 47 Jackpot!!


its bigger than mega millions! i hope i am the one whos gonna win it.


if i win it i amma strip naked in front of my house to celebrate good luck michigan lotto players

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It's been building soooo slllloooowwww. It's been higher than the initial MM JP for over a month now I think. Of course it only will take two rolls of MM to top it.. Razz

I wonder what the cash option is because when I looked at the Michigan Lottery site they didn't show it.


I don't know exactly on the cash option, but it will be worse than the Mega percentage.  Mega is a 26 year annuity and Classic Lotto is a 30 year deal, they say roughly half but I bet it's probably nearly exactly half.  But on the upside you can be anonymous and win it.  

Hope you get it if I don't.

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Very true, I hope it keeps rolling, I played only one time last month but if it makes it to 20M I'll play again. Oh and yeah, it is nice that at least with the state lotteries we can remain anonymous.

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Well, good luck. However, I sure hope you don't live near me. You'd probably freeze to death like that and we'd have to look at your naked cavorting body until spring.

However, I'm looking to win that one, too. Only I won't be cavorting naked in my front yard. I might have considered my back yard, but the neighbor's tree fell on my fence during the big blow over the holidays. Probably will just take a trip somewhere warm, lounge around, and sip on some amoretto sours....

So the big or annuity? $5m more or less in the bank @ maybe 3% for $150k per year vs $600k per year for 30 years?

Hey, I've only got about another 30 years..... could you save enough of the annuity to make your income keep up with inflation for 30 years? Could you save enough for how every many years you live beyond the life of the annuity?

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Actually the cash option for a 30 year annuity is running about 65-70%.  Interest rates are just that low. 

This game has been rolling forever.  I think this game only gets won twice or three times a year.  But the cash option should be more than the 1 in 10 million odds.  Expected value of the ticket should be above 1 so its time to play.


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I see someone won.... Of course they were in the Detroit area. Roll Eyes


Had a lot of tickets on that draw. A total of 466 tickets. When I saw that there was a jackpot winner, my odds suddenly went from 1 in 23,000 to 1 in 2,145 since sales were around 1 million tickets.

But then I checked and only found 14 tickets that matched 3 numbers. Oh well, a win of $85 is not that bad.

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Sales were not around $1,000,000.  Michigan would never sell that many tickets for the state lotto game.  I would say they sold about 500,000 to 600,000 tickets.  Your odds were much better...haha


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I checked the number of match 3, match 4 and match 5 prizes and I calculated that ticket sales were just over 800,000.

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The numbers were kind of low so birthdays and such could have scewed the calculations that way.  I mean it just seems weird to me that they would sell that many tickets.

The last time this was won was back at the end of June of last year.  That is almost 7 months without being won.  Wow


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