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Hi. I'm new, so sorry if this question is dumb or if the answer is really obvious, but I need some help.

Has anybody had much experience playing crossword scratcher games like "Cashword"?  I'm done scratching and may have won some decent money, but I don't want to go into the lottery office because I'm afraid they'll take my picture and and a bunch of dumb stuff...but the amount is'nt big enough to form a trust over. Do they typically count all words 3 letters and larger (because I certainly learned a few new ones tonight like "asp" and "lea") or just the obvious ones like "mom", and "dig"? I don't really want to go back to the store where I bouhgt it and cash it in because I'm afriad I may get cheated out of some unusual words because the clerk might not recognize them. It's my first scratcher of this type so I'm really excited...but confused...What?

Any suggestions?

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Congrat on your winnings Chick,  if your so worried about them 'stealing' your ticket, im sure theres a form on the back of the game, fill it out?  that way you wont get robbed? 

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hey sweetie just take it to the store cash it and as for a print out and they will give it to you like that

you will know how much you won

happy new year and blessed be

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You people rock!  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  I can't wait until tomarrow so I can see what's-what with the ticket Smile

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You have to take it to the lottery HQ if the ticket is over 5000 bucks.

Your letters have to match all the letters in the/a word. Count up each word that you have complete letters for. Look to see in the block that has the information block that says 2 words = 5.00 3 words = 10.00 and so on etc. This will automatically tell you how many words you have correct and what amount you have won if it's under 5000 bucks take it to a large grocery store in your area and cash the ticket.  Less likely to get ripped off there. Ask for a winners receipt it will have the correct amount you won.... because they have to scan the ticket in order to verify it.  


Just be sure to sign your ticket before you hand it to the clerk to check it.In most states you'll have to claim any win over $500 or $600 at the state lottery office because they will need to take taxes out before issuing you a check.

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.

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If you completely remove the scratchable vinyl from your ticket you will  see the payoff code, printed along the perimeter, and sometimes inbetween the symbols. Usually a three letter to indicate the amount. Examples  one  two  for  fiv  egt  twn  fry  fty  1$  2$  4$  8$  20$  40$  50$. Also the lottery provides thier retailers with a list of all the codes and the corresponding payoffs. Be good to your lottery agent and you'll receive some lottery swag when the agent brings it or hook up with the agent.

In response to MysteryMan424

Not every state uses those 3 letter codes.Iowa used to use them but people would buy those scratch off tickets that took forever to play,like Bingo & Crosswords,and just scratch the codes off of them.Since they didn't know the code for the big winners,like $25,000,they just threw the ticket away.Enough prizes went unclaimed that Iowa quit using the codes.Other states have done the same thing.

In response to MaddMike51

I should mention, speaking of some states and using validation codes, GA only uses them for winners $19 and less.  When you get a $20 or better winner, the validation letters are random like the losing tickets.  Our $20 tickets have no validation letters at all for that reason (not even T-I-C for a free ticket).

In response to sorensonfan41

I've never seen a free ticket prize on anything but $1 tickets.Does Ga. have free ticket prizes on $20 tickets?I wouldn't like that at all.Iowa used to have free ticket prizes on $1 tickets but they got rid of that prize because people complained about clerks giving them only the same kind of ticket that they just won the free ticket on instead of the winners choice of $1 tickets.

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In response to DelmarvaChick

I don't have any suggestions, but I hope you were able to figure everything out. Did you get a big win?

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In response to four4me

Did you mean $500?  I am quite sure that stores don't pay out more than $599 since a claim form must be completed and the win is reported to the IRS.  Up to $5,000 is the amount that you can win without the 25% mandatory federal tax deduction, but taxes are still due on amounts of $600 and over.  In FL you need to go to one of the Lottery Offices if you win $600 or more.  I am pretty certain that RJOh said that any amounts over $600 are cashed at a bank after you get a receipt from an Ohio Lottery retailer, but I could be mistaken. I've never heard of any large grocery store paying out that kind of money.

I just looked it up on the Ohio site. 

Obtain a claim form from the agent retailer, or download here. Follow the instructions carefully. Your retailer will have a list of bank-cashing locations in your area where you may receive payment by presenting proper identification (see below). Please note that the banks currently charge a processing fee of $10 for this service.

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In response to justxploring

I have had large chain stores pay up to $2500 on Pick 3 tickets. (that is the highest I have ever tried at one time) They can pay cash as long as it is on separate tickets. If they have the money they don't care. I have walked out several times with a hand full of cash and no one even ask me my name.  Thumbs Up

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Dead Aim - first of all, good for you!  Congrats!  I must be playing the wrong game.  LOL   But I was talking about paying out that much on one ticket.   Yes, I realize if you win $500 on several separate tickets you don't need to fill out a claim form.  Amounts $600 and over are taxed.   A woman in front of me won $1,000 on an instant game ticket and Publix (which is a huge supermarket chain) could not pay her.  Those are the rules.   I can't say what the rules are for other states, but the IRS rules are the same for everyone!

Unless I'm reading the first post incorrectly, the question was about winning on a single ticket. 


DelmarvaChick - I wish you a lot of luck.  Welcome.  Sorry, I know very little about scratch-offs.   

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