LottoSync v1.8 download


Just in case someone missed it... it's ready for download

Can't post any links here... but you can find my webpage in my profile.



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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You... Loading up my data now - I'll let you know how it goes in VA & NC... Thanks, Pogo


I'm not sure I'd be thanking Guru too much just yet.  I'll try out his software as well, although just checking out the site and the pricing doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling with it's recurrent billing and license model.  Oh well, I'll let everyone know what I think after I've downloaded it and tested it.

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Might as well be a RNG.

Unlimited prediction sets ie a diferent set of numbers every iteration is tantamount to a random set of numbers. Behind the gobbledygook it's a RNG.


Hi Fibonacci,

I understand your concern... but it's not an RNG.



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In response to Guru

Guru, thanks for taking it in the spirit it was meant. Since we are all trying to learn to beat the system and hopefully make some money (one way or another) I have some questions:

Here's what I gather from the website

1. Everytime a user gets a prediction set the numbers are different only a .

2. No two users will get the same sets of numbers.


Only a system that uses all possible combinations (ie random) could produce those kinds of results.

Still it can be useful I guess...


1 for pick 6 lotteries you can only match 6 numbers... if a forecast is made with 10 numbers... 4 numbers will always be redundant.

  So chances are 100% that 4 redundant numbers are always going to come up in a random way...

  But if you take a close look at a large number of forecasts for the same draw... you would find a lot of similarities between the forecasts.

  meaning that the amount of times 1 or more from the 6 matching numbers are present in a series of forecasts is far higher than the theoretical probability would allow.


2 That statement is not true...

    I admit that chances ar low for two diff users to come up with EXACTLY the same set of 10 (mainly because of the 4 redundant numbers), but it is possible.





I wish we can import past draws to lottosync using .txt file and if there is a way for online update too,is it possible to include these 2 features ? Thanks.


I'd agree with Fibonacci, it is really not much different than a random nmber generator.  It looks like it chooses number predominantly from the last 6-11 draws depending on how many numbers in the draw.  It definately picks one or two from the previous draw as far as I surmised when I ran through my tests.  But yes, for the most part it is randomly going about choosing numbers.  Albeit from a limitted number of past drawing where the degree of certainty for the winning numbers to appear is high.  In that respect by choosing the numbers even at random from the last X amount of draws does have much mathematical merit.  The amount of time it takes for Lottosync to "predict" and I use that word very lightly is way too long for a random number generator.  I'll bet the simplest system based on choosing numbers from the last 7 draws would equal if not best Lottosync.  I don't mean to be abrupt or rude about it, I'm just being honest.  Like I said there does seem to be merit in it, but I'm certain I can supply a free strategy that will equal Lottosync, if not best it by multiples.

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Fibonacci's comments about LottoSync could be said about any commercial lottery program, all of them give different results every time they're run and probably don't preform any better than an RNG.  If anyone is interested in testing that theory, LP has a good Quick Pick RNG.

The problem with any lottery forecasting program that most players don't seem to grasp is that even when they work as designed, they seldom pick winning combinations more often the the odds would suggest.   

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In response to RJOh

I would like to say here that your statement is true for all of those software packages out there that chew on numbers for a while, and do some kind of "intelligent RNG" (whatever that means).

But the Lottery Post "Lucky's" systems are what I would consider "commercial lottery programs" because they are available only to Platinum members, yet they always produce the same set of numbers for every user.

I suppose one functional distinction between the Lucky's systems and "Lotto" packages is that people generally don't want to have the same Pick 6 or Mega Millions numbers as everyone else, because then all those people would share a jackpot.  Of course, by creating different numbers for everyone you are just creating a big RNG.

But with Pick 3 and Pick 4 games it doesn't matter if everyone shares the same numbers, because they don't have to share the prize.  (With the partial exception of pari-mutuel payouts.)

The reason I'm pointing this out is to show the clear distinction of the Lottery Post systems in comparison to other packages, which tend to be RNG-like.  I personally think that provides a unique value to Lottery Post premium members, that they won't get elsewhere.  It's easy to do RNG, but it's not easy to build a system that is credible and repeatable like the Lucky's systems.

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A few hours ago I made my first back test for a Tx jackpot lottery game (I won't say for which one of them) and out of 6 predicted numbers it matched 3 right.

That was not the work of any regular RNG.

I have never before seen any program that can do that and it was on the very first test.

StarStarStarStarStarStarOut of 5 possible stars I am giving it SIX!

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My point is - He's giving u a free month to figure this thing out... If it doesn't work for you or think it is a scam in some fashion walk away as usual, but to be honest, this gentleman is giving me a free month - I'm taking it and running... If I come up with some winnings - he's definitely getting some of my money... If not I'll take my 2 bucks somewhere else... For now I say use the free month & Good Luck to all! Happy New Year - Pogo


Thta's pretty good lantern


How many samples did use? 50, 100 150 or 200?


You predicted 6 or 10 numbers?


In what order did the 3 numbers hit, ie 1st or 2nd of predicted set ?


Thanks and good luck


Xavier... don't jump to conclusions too fast... it is not an rng... by no means...

Try it for a month regularly and you will see that an RNG simply cannot perform that good.  That does not mean you can't have several forecasts in a row missing... streakyness will always be present...

At first, the results of Lottosync may look random to someone who doesn't know what is behind the scenes though...

I would also suggest not to speculate too much on how the numbers are selected... so far I haven't read anything that comes close to what LS does... I'm pretty sure that my system is unique in how it selects.

I'm not here to defend my system, I believe the system can defend itself if someone persists in testing it.

I've worked for 7 years on this system... so forgive me if I find it kinda difficult to hear people saying... oh it's just an RNG...

Just to make a few things clear... It has NOTHING TO DO WITH :

- picking numbers randomly

- picking numbers from previous draws or ion saliu's degree of certainty

- picking hot or cold or whatever

- neural nets or any other way of pattern seeking...

Read the "related reading" pages on my website... that's a clue in what corner you should be seeking it.

This is my personal tip... I'm confident enough to give away a 30 day free trial... try it during a month and then decide what you think about it and want to do...



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