Mega Win


        These are the first lines of the M.M Set them out as shown in my A.A.B columns Below.                                               
    01/11/05    2    23    24    35    45    18                           
    01/07/05    2    8    14    15    51    38                           
    01/04/05    3    6    7    12    32    30                           
    all you have to do is set them up in a Spreadsheet  and obviously                             
    the rest follow.                                     
    go to my blogs click on the link                             
    and you will find an example                                     
    my any jackpot game                             
    will describe how I use this.                                         
       A    A    B
3    2    23
6    8    24
7    14    35
12    15    18
32    51    45
30    38   
Good luck,


In response to aberdeennut

Hi everyone these numbers are not based on hot /cold they are a group of numbers that repeat through the year to continue the numbers you would need to look for the next group to set next to them and gradualy build up your groups. This type of groupings would probably best be used as base numbers to put into your system.

I personally prefer the full Spreadsheet system listed in Any Jackpot Game,which does the oposite and select the number from the groupings.

Good luck which ever your choice is.


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