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I dreamed  I rode a pony into the ladies room. Ladies in there were saying 9199 was going to fall.  I said no it wont because I like the 9's. (meaning I had played the 9's for a few days and they did not fall )


KCK 391 290

Red Devil 400 496 6755

Old GP 90-4


thanks ill play 9199 and 6166 for a couple of days....for some reason i cant have any dreams......well what i can remember


Pony: 391 290

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When you ready for sleep tell yourself to remember your dreams that give you lottery numbers long enough to write them down when you wake.  Takes a while but it usually works.

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pony   855   821   1477

lady   559   012   662   5149

number   690    738   235   2183

good luck Soozy & may this be a prosperous new year!!

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thanks SS

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