dream help.

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good morning all  last night i dream i went to the cleaner to look for a dress i could not find at my house .the lady at the cleaner said the dress was there i ask her how much did i cost .the lady said 5.00 i went to ask her again  but the lady had gone away .so i ask the other lady she said 8.00.i did not have money so i left walking down road .i seen some men on horses comming down the road toward me i cross the road because i was scared of the horses the men on the horses starting chaseing me i lean up be side a building one of the men back his horse up against me and pent me between the building and would not let  me out.

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In response to bignana

walking 123 375 903 566 9644 377

road 931 367 534 6670

Street 995 0983 471 517

men 083 3168 058 907

horses 061 885 212 116 319 342

cross the road 369 3480

scared 546 2479

chaseing 322 0293 238 237

lean up  on building 285 4584

building 954 8511 722 712

pented 835 3361 883 8161

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thank lilthing for dream help.

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well lilthing one of my dream number came out of my dream  walking  903 i did not go back with if .i prayevery body will have a safe and happy new year.

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