Happy New Year!!

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Hope you all have a safe and happy new year!!Blue AngelLots of blessings to you all!!

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In response to angelm


THANK's 4-UR ble$$ing2009>>>>!

99% of LP memember'sI Agree!Agree with stupidI Agree!!

o'bama will BUST us 'n 2009$$

????????? we don't win >LOTTO$

WHAT KAN we DODO????????????

get a 2nd>3rd>4>JOBB!!!!!!!!!!

HAWAWAI all go 2 big>>>>>>!

ISLAND away from d people!!!!

send ur bill's 2 washington ?!!?


GET with the PROGRAM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

PSYKOMO will WIN with chnge,change, "CHANGE">>>>>>$




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Happy New Year! May 2009........, be mighty fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Good luck to everyone that is playing a raffle tomorrow!!!

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GamerMom, not sure which area you live in, but all 9 million dollar winners are on the East Coast.  Traveling north ...

Pinecrest, Miami, Hialeah, Hallandale, Margate, Port St Lucie, Orlando (2) & St Augustine.


Congrats to the winners!

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        Happy New Year EveryoneHurray!

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Happy New Years everyone!

 I hope the new year brings all of you many big wins!


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HAPPY NEW ALL............................Sun Smiley

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Happy New Years everyone!




Don't drink and drive tonite.Arrive alive tomorrow.Best New Years wishes to everyone here at LP!


Thumbs Up  Hapy new year !

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In response to justxploring

i just got home and saw that.  All three of my tix were duds!!! It's rigged I say...rigged!! LOL

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