Just noticed this with the Super Lotto Plus...

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I haven't been following the lotto as long as a lot of people here, but I just looked at the previous few drawings for the SLP and the numbers for 12/24/08 were  7-10-23-26-40  mega 26. If you go back to 10/15/08 the numbers were 7-10-23-24-40 mega 26. I was just wondering if this is a rare occurence to have the numbers of one drawing be nearly identical to another set of numbers that were drawn. This could be in Powerball, MM, or any other state lottery.


its possible to happen but its very rare havent seen something like that with mega millions.

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What does "rare occurrence" mean? The odds of getting 4 of 5 plus the mega ball  in SLP is 1 in 197,221. Those odds are the same whether it's the chance of your ticket matching the winning  numbers, or any individual one of the previous winning numbers matching it. The game has been around for more than 8 years, so there are roughly 850 past results. That makes the chances of a 4+0 match for any individual drawing about 850 in 197,221 or 1 in 232. The chances that  1 of the next 24 drawings will have another 4+0 match is 24 in 232, or about 1 in 10. Over the next year there's nearly a 50% chance of a repeat. 

The odds of a 4+0 match in MM are about 1 in 3.9 million, or almost 20 times higher. Even factoring in a longer draw history (albeit with different matrices), a similar near miss is substantially less likely. Still, each drawing adds another combination that could possibly be matched, and each is another chance for a match. At some point the unlikely thing would be to not have a 4+0 match.

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Hey Cowboysfan,

I'm hoping for exactly that. Well Kindof.  The numbers  i picked have historically hit together in triples, an doubles, but so far not in the groupings of 5 that i have chosen.  it does seem weird that they hit so close like that, but hey it makes me feel good about my way of thinking.

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