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dreamt that I was sort of house sitting for my sister who dead.  She said she had to go to work but would return.  While I was there an old boyfriend came by with his mother.  However, his mother is dead also.  I also dreamed about my mother who is also dead.  Does this dream have any meaning and what are the numbers to play?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Brenda33

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dead 769 and play their age for me the age they were when they died and then the age they would be if they were living


dead mother 798  7347

dead person 086  486  936

to see dead person  508  527

talking to dead 413

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Hope this helps good luck


To dream of a dead person denotes mischief from a unexpected source 679

To talk to dead persons mark their words carefully 239

Mother - to see her in your sleep denotes that she is in need of your help .if she is dead it is a warning of reform.if she speaks to you follow her instructions carefully . 271

Sister-   to dream of your sister denotes that you will be persuaded to make up with one whom you had a misunderstanding  725

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798 pa lottery day number

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Thank you all for your assistance with the number request.

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