New Year's Resolutions! What are yours?

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I just that I would start this discussion before the new year actually comes in. Have you thought about it lately? What do you want to accomplish in 2009? What do you want to stop doing in the new year? List as many as you like.



As for me, I would like to get my student loan paid down significantly. The amount owed looks really bad on my credit report, but the good thing is that I'm paying as agreed. I want to get more organized and stop procrastinating so much. I unfortunately let my insurance go to waste this year.No No It's time to stop hiding from the doctor and make that appointment. I haven't been eating right, so listening to her will just be  dreadful. My husband just told me to stop tripping and get to the doctor or else he's taking me.Shocked 

I also would like to get 3 1/2 inches off the waist. Make that an even 4!LOL I had to throw that one in to make my resolution official!

Finally,I want to win more and save more in 2009!Yes Nod

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We have a lot in common!  Big GrinI've been procrastinating all my life, and one of these days I'll be dead and it will be too late!

I need to pack up and move.  I keep saying it, but I look at the hassle of moving and put it off until the next time I say "I need to move" when I start looking and put it off for another few months.

Of course I'd like to win a jackpot, but I can't make that a New Year's resolution, since I don't have much control over it!  Thinking more positively might help, however. 

Whether I stay here or move, I need to stop being a hermit and join more activities with other humans.  I like animals better, and the cats and raccoons are very good listeners, but I really should make more of an effort to be sociable.

I need to exercise more (which doesn't mean pressing the remote or booting up my laptop) and build up some strength.  My feet are messed up, but I can still walk for 20 minutes at a time in the right shoes.  A few days ago, I took a walk around the block and was so stiff that I had to stop to rest.  Just a few years ago I could walk for miles, so my muscles have become lazy.   I also need to change my diet and eat less processed foods & more veggies and add a few more glasses of water each day.  Don't know if I can give up coffee altogether, however.  What would life be without coffee & chocolate?

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My New Year's Wish, more that a Resolution, is for financial security. I hope that in 2009, I will get a call form on of the lotteries that I subscribe to, informing me that I have won, if not a multi-million dollar jackpot, hopefully a substantial nest egg. Needless to say, I would stay mum about my good fortune, but I will tell other readers on LP.


Finally hit the Pick 3 drawing.


Simple  TO WIN!!! Not just in the lottery but in all aspects of my life!!!


I want to gain 20lbs

Smile and mean it

Get out of debt

Spend more time with family

New home!!!!

Enjoy life

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