Nine Other States Possibly Joining Mm Or Pb. Is This A Win Lose Situation?

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Since Florida is joining the POWERBALL family, and while the economy is presently in a downspiral, perhaps the other states will eventually join either MM or PB -- just to generate some revenues.

Now, I think most of the players will be delighted, too. Just a chance, a dream of winning.

Now, my biggest wish is no taxation of MM or PB winnings. Yes, it's a fantasy and I know the government must generate revenue, but can you imagine in your wildest dreams that all MM or PB winnings will not be taxable. We all can say, "happy days are here again!"

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All of the states now belong to either MM or PB, so there really can't be any more "joining" of states to either game.  A state cannot belong to both games at the same time.

The only new state to join a game will be Arkansas, and my guess is they'll go with Powerball.

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Something to look forward to.

Extract from the Texas Lottery Commission meeting on 121208 regarding MegaMillions.

11                 CHAIRMAN COX:  Okay.  Agenda Item No.
12   17.  Gary, report, possible discussion or action on
13   Mega Millions games and game and/or contracts.
14                 MR. GRIEF:  Commissioners, I attended
15   the Mega Millions directors' meeting in New York on
16   November 17th, and I want to inform you that the main
17   topic of discussion focused on the concept of a new
18   game that might also include some members of the Power
19   Ball states.  These discussions have continued over
20   the telephone since that November meeting and the
21   directors plan to meet again in person in the month of
22   February to continue those discussions.  And I'll plan
23   to keep you posted if any significant developments
24   occur.
25                 COMM. SCHENCK:  Okay.
1                 CHAIRMAN COX:  Any questions?
2                 COMM. SCHENCK:  No, thank you, Gary.
3                 CHAIRMAN COX:  Gary, are those meetings
4   always in New York?
5                 MR. GRIEF:  No, sir.  They move around
6   the country.  I understand that the next may be in the
7   State of Washington.

Seems like there might be a change down the road.
Texas really wants both jackpot games.


Have you all ever thought that if there was a national lottery, just 1 that the matrix would not have been 5/56 or 5/59 but instead 5/96 or 5/110 + Pick1/50 for bonus ball or something like that....Just pray that MegaMillions and Powerball dont combine...

what about Alaska....

Anyways, thanks to God we have Bigatoo difference number system because that's the only system that will work against a Pick5/110 + Pick1/50 for bonus ball...

Remember it don't matter if is powerball or megamillions, they still work for the lottery, they still work for the lottery cartel...But as decades past i think they will combined to follow other countries...

but i wonder something, if they combined and form a National Lottery isnt that the same thing as each state having its own Pick6 lottery....

Anyways what they need to do is select the winner and not randomly select the winner...

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What i mean is select a responsible winner even if that means cheating...I don't believe they should select people randomly...Fist of all A lottery which will pay like 60 milion starting jackpot and will climb to 800 million because it is a Pick5/110 + Pick1/60 and tell me something i learn yesterday is that the lottery can be like cigarette it can be bad for you....You just cant give just anyone 800 million dollars...Something i've learn is that with huge amount of money comes responsabilty God forgive me for saying this, but suppose you let a drug dealer win 400 million dollars or a thug...You see winning so much money comes a change in behavior, that's why the lottery will have to create a wealth management association for lottery winners and a behavioral psychologist association to assist winners and be careful who you choose as winners...the better candidates for this are women, they tend to be less testosterone will individuals just remember that 97% of the world's crimes are commited by males not females...So females are better candidates to win so much money....

What i think they should do is create more than 2 drawings a week, instead create 3 drawings a week....Remember something when you are rich people look up to you, the rich is the inspiration of the poor just like very beautiful women are the inspirations [the engine] of all men....

For instance if i was to win 60 million dollars i will eat myself to death 'til i get a heart attack...What the lottery needs to be reading they don't do, and what they should not be reading they do....

Not only a psychology association that takes care of lottery winners and wealth management to also cater the rich lottery winners but a problem association for you see people get problems, you see problems is a very poor understood psychologically studied area of psychology, a poor understood field....

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Another aread the state lottery will have to cater to people is the marriage area the divorce because some people can't handle for instance if you win 800 million you can handle your wife getting 400 million and then divorcing you so they will have to work on that area...For example i couldn't not handle the idea of my wife getting half of the 800 million dollars and then divorcing you....Again you will have to work on that area....

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Thanks, Todd, for the updated information.

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I think they may run into a brick wall with that one.  MUSL is very protective of its states, and will deny Powerball to states that participate in other multi-state games.  That's what happened to Georgia.

There have been so many national and international games discussed in various state meetings that I wouldn't put too much creedence into any one discussion or concept.  Most of them never come to fruition.

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Happy days will be here when there is a Pick6/22 in every state on all 51 states for 1 dollar or West Virginia Cash25 for 25 cents in every state and a pick2...When there is a lotto stock market, when there is hundreds of scratchoffs that pay 1 million a year for life ONLY for females....When there is a Lotto Stock market only for females, when there all the cars in America have been replaced by electric cars or hydrogen cars, when the U.S gives more than 1% of its GDP to foreign aid, etc, etc, etc....

when the U.S is energy independent, when the U.S has the plane like the UFO that is the fastes plane in the world going at almost the speed of light, when there is free lottos for minorities, when there is hundreds of black graduate schools, when there is 1 billion dollar placed in the bank and letting the interest power an association to plant trees in the U.S & Canada, when the U.S has is borders/shores secured against drugs [i didn't say immigrants i said drugs], when English is the most predominant language in the world or at least an English Teaching channel, when there is a health/nuttition/fitness global channel, etc, etc, etc...When there is hundred of free lottos....When science has the key to 50+ million dollars lotto, when there is hundreds of free lottos for the military....When there is free lottos for human features minorities and every kind of minorities....When the U.S president makes 200 million dollars for 5 years of term, when NASA has a at least a 1 trillion dollar budget...

what am i saying? just because Powerball doesn't pay taxes doesn't mean that there are better days...

you don't have to meet all this requirements but just by making every car in America been replaced by electric or hydrogen or air compressed cars on the road will make it a better days....

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As an Arkansas, I can not wait until we join the lottery. I am hoping for Power Ball, but it does not make that much of a difference I guess.

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Grovel, if Arkansas decides to join POWERBALL, good luck and enjoy the game.

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forgot one last one when there is pick3 as HAB-1 ATM for Americans, Canadians & Britons and for blonds living abroad from the interest from billions [very important]....

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