If a sibling of yours won a lottery jackpot, how much would you expect to be given?


I would expect a small amount.  I put $10,000.  I am close with my brother and sister.  If I was not close with them, I would expect nothing.


It is beyond me how anyone could expect more than this

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Actually, it is beyond me how anyone could expect anything at all. I wouldn't expect anything if one of my siblings won. It would be nice to get something, but in know way would they be obligated to give me any of their winnings if I didn't chip in for the ticket. Just because someones sister, brother, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, best friend, etc. wins some money in the lottery, doesn't suddenly entitle you or anyone else to their money.

ETA: I am also close to my siblings and I still don't think they would have to give me anything if they won. I'm sure they would, but they wouldn't have to if they didn't want to.

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 not one thin dime!!! perfectly put ScaryChick....perfectly put.I Agree!


Im pretty sure the gift tax rules state that lotto winners can only give gifts of $10k to friends/relatives. Otherwise, they would probably give too much away and the recipient would become a total freeloading jerk. Boxing

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In response to ThatScaryChick

I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!I Agree!


However IF you won,  everyone you know and even some you didn't, would be saying they were entitled to some $$$!!

Rather sad, really.

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I heard $12K, is the gift amount now, but that is hearsay as I don't know for sure!


I can answer this question honestly because one of my sisters inherited some money and she gave me nothing!  LOL  No Pity! It was hers to do with as she wished!  We still speak to this day and there is no animosity. 


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I would not expect anything but, knowing my sister she would definitly offer me something and what ever that is would be fine with me. It's all done with love and respect for one another. No greed or jealousy comes into play with us and that is what it takes in a situation such as this.  When you've had nothing all your life any little thing is greatly appreciated or, at least that's how it should be.


Nothing if my dad won, he'd spend it all on beer, give it away to people in the bar to try and look like a big shot and he'd soon be broke standing in line for welfare.

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The question was too general.  A lottery jackpot could be small or huge.

In any case, let's assume we are talking about millions.  In reference to the other comments, I'm not so sure a person shouldn't have some expectations, depending on his personal relationships.  If my parents were alive, I certainly would hope they'd try to help out their 3 children, although they don't "owe" us anything.  If they won $100,000 I wouldn't expect much, but you can't take it with you, and people in their 80s or 90s aren't going to spend millions before they die.  I mean, to whom would they leave it?  The next door neighbors? The dog?

Regarding my siblings, since that was the original question, one sister is married with children & grandchildren.  I would never expect a dime from her.  We've never been close, which is unfortunate.  The other sister is single and knows I would help her out if she needed money.  I would be shocked if I found out in 10 years that she won millions of dollars and didn't share with me.  In my wildest dreams I can't imagine knowing a loved one is sick and can't afford a doctor or needs a new car, etc., etc., and not offering my assistance if I were a multi-millionaire. So maybe the word "expect" suggests different ideas to people, but I definitely would expect my sister to gift me some money (like $1,000 a month) if she won MM or PB.  Obligated?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  I just don't see why a sibling who doesn't have children would not share.  Perhaps age is a factor here.  If your sibling is 25 or 30, the situation would be very different than if he/she is 60 or 70.


I would hope my brother would remember the times I loaned him money (and the amounts) and he never paid me back.Other than that I wouldn't expect anything.

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I voted 10-50 but i misread the question.  I thought it was how much would you give your sibling...I would expect nothing, it's not my winning and I think it's rude for anyone, regardless of who it is, to expect anything.

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I wouldn't expect anything either and I'd keep my potential jealously all to myself until I got over it, if they wanted to give me a nice gift, I'm not going to refuse it, I'm just not going to start asking for it nor will I change how I interact with them, that includes no suddenly sucking up. Same goes for anyone I know or am related to and I'd hope they'd see it the same way. I'm no more obligated to share it with them (there's only two people I'd feel any sort of obligation to) than they are with me. Of course I know that wouldn't happen, heh. I'd have to go into hiding.

On the bright side, the gift tax exemption is going up to $13,000 next year as I think justxploring mentioned in another topic awhile ago.

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1st they would have to buy a ticket,  and i know they dont. thats why i demand money out of them and play a syndicate with all our names on it. and boy can it be a problem getting the money sometimes.

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I wouldn't expect anything at all. While I would be very happy for them, and would be very envious, I would also realize that it is their money and not mine. If they chose to give some, I would accept it, but at no pint would I ever expect it or demand it, or think that I deserved it.

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Though I would not expect anything, in the event any of my siblings won a major jackpot such as MM or PB, I think they would all likely gift something to each of the other siblings, though I wouldn't want to guess how much.  None of us are younger than age 60 and none are likely to be big spenders even with a jackpot win, so I think all would spread it around a bit.  Those who don't have a spouse or children would probably give more to siblings than the others, especially if the win were a state jackpot of only a few million.  If the win were less than a million, I doubt that those who have a spouse or children would give anything to their brothers and sisters. 

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