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What do we know (here on LP and it's members) about the way programers construct these draws?  The way they achieve randomness (vs. the random drawing of balls popping around in a machine).  Has something to do do with my old friend mister algorithm.

Very little detailed programing discussion comes about this when I do a search on LP....or google.

I do recall a discussion a few months back about a college student who was able to exploit a discoverey he made...for a short time.

I'm just crazy enough to consider that (while ball drawn is certainly random) perhaps (despite what countless others have stated) there is some measure a partial predictability possible through analysis.  Analysis that dosent require some super computer.

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Due to the nature of Search Engines and the Keywords used in Constructing a Search: It's difficult to Locate the Information you Describe.

This may be of Interest: True random number generators

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