Part of me wants to win. Part of me doesn't.


 I don't think I can handle a sudden wealth. If I get 20 millions after tax and everything I would be really, really confused and scared. Sure, I posted threads and posts about investing after winning a big one, but with this kind of economy things are pretty dim. And I've been doing some soul search and realized that I won't be able to handle a jackpot winning that well.

 The biggest thing is fear. Having millions of dollars in bank account (or as real estates) will make me really, really anxious and nervous. And I really don't think I would feel secure at all because I've been losing my confidence. I have a fear of getting succumbed into drug abuse because I've experienced so many failures for last 10 years and I think I would be really vulnerable to any form of illicit pleasures. I don't want to end up with some gold-digging bimbo either. But desperation can easily switch off BS detector. I really have to be really, really vigilant. And I don't think I can even trust my lawyer and my account.

 Still, part of me wants to win a jackpot because...of my lack of confidence. (kinda ironic because I don't want to win because of that) financial security might (with a big assumption) make me feel somewhat secure. I want to make my family members and close relatives feel happy and secure. I am supposed to be the pillar of my clan, being the eldest son of the whole clan. Now I am about to get hired by a major animation studio (which specializes in TV animations) and I don't feel safe at all because I've experienced so many failures and disappointments for last 10 years.

 Surely owning a couple of millions in CDs and a commercial property will be nice. But for me, good things alway come in hand in hand with really, really bad events. So even if I win a jackpot, I won't feel safe and secure because of my life history.

 I just hope I don't become some filthy rich whoremongering cocaine and vicodin junkie...

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I fell the same way, but for different reasons.  I feel like i would be a target to be robbed or my kids to be held for ransom.  I guess that's why I always lose.

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One must have the courage to pick ones self up and start over no matter how many times they have been knocked down. Unless you are mentally or physically handicapped beyond the point of repair. Sounds like you could use some counseling to get on track again. Nothing wrong with talking this out with a professional.

As for winning the lottery and having to deal with new found wealth cross that bridge when you come to it no need in worrying over something before it even happens. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

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Don't sweat it. You'll probably never win. Of course on the off chance that you do, I've got the perfect solution. Send me a PM, and we'll set up a power of attorney. I'll put you on an allowance, with a provision that the alowance will increase as you handle the money wisely, or decrease if you handle it poorly, but you can always have enough to live on (including good health insurance, with mental health coverage).  I can guarantee that I could then prevent you from becoming some filthy rich whoremongering cocaine and vicodin junkie.

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Part of me wants to win and the other part of me wants to win also. Big Grin Santa

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I've thought about this as well but I think my past experiences/failures have given me at least some method of knowing what to do and not to do. I would make it a point to not let on to anyone who doesn't need to know as to how much money I have, I know there would be temptation to show off and I'm not going to live like a bum, just not going to go nuts with spending, I'm not going to try and impress anyone.. I know I would still have the same interest in drugs, of all kinds that I have now which is zero. I think I would certainly change but I don't see it being anything but for the better for myself anyway. All in all though, I'd rather by unhappy with too much money than be unhappy with not enough of it because you CAN buy happiness.. Money is a tool, that's all. A tool that can open doors to things you can't do without it.

I'm sure there will be some paranoia there too if I won but a little paranoia isn't a bad thing, as long as you're not ruled by it. So yeah, I would rather be rich and miserable than miserable and broke like I am now. Razz

In response to ThatScaryChick

Amen! lol



I believe you have some much deeper issues to deal with other than having to worry about wanting to hit the jackpot or not. Just as four4me stated, worry about it when you do hopefully hit the jackpot. I really don't know how anyone in their right mind wouldn't want to win millions of dollars, and yes, money isn't everything, but it sure as hell can make life easier. I know one thing for sure, should you win millions of dollars, you will never have to worry about financially supporting yourself and your loved ones.

You need to think positive and be more confident, regardless of your past mistakes and misfortunes. I'm sure most of us have gone through some difficult stages in life, but you learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, and carry on. I think we all sometimes take life for granted, and you should be thankful for what you have and what you can do, and no matter how bad you think you have it, I promise you, someone out there has it much worse.

I will assume you probably have dealt or deal with some sort of addiction to drugs, and if that is the case, then you should seek some professional help, and there's absolutely no shame in that. You need to look at the bright side of life, and you will be alright. Good luck with your new job, and may this new year bring you joy and happiness.

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I feel the same way I wonder will I be able to handle the money,will people be asking me for money, but I think that if I  did win, that I would not collect it right away, I would decide what I will do with the money beforhand.

I wouldn't tell everyone for sure that I won, because you know they would be asking for money, I would only tell folks that I could trust...See Ya!

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In response to DC81

I Agree! I'm with DC81 on this one

I believe any one can handle any amount instant wealth if they R wise and can beat that rotten old Red Devil spawn demon called temptation in an anything but fair fight 

surely every time I logon to an auto/truck related forum and find that someone else's kustomized out the A$$ getting broken into and or stolen .... one has to wonder

the best advice I can offer is to keep the lowest profile possible keep working and learn from yer mistakes

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In response to Elizabeth03

all of the above are reasons I would take an annuity.  Gives me a good excuse not to share LOL

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I would also be the back of my mind I would be thinking of the old saying" out what you wish for,you might actually get it...".I know off the bat I'd be hospitalized for anxiety attacks for a few weeks

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In response to JonnyBgood07

Green laugh@ hospitalized for anxiety attacks


I think someone would have to check for a pulse every couple hours cause I know the shock of it all would have me stiff as a corpse for the day and two .....

In response to ThatScaryChick

I Agree!

If anyone here wins a major jackpot and decides that it is to much to handle,just let me know and one part of me will be more than happy to take it off of your hands.As for the other part of me,it pretty much feels the same way.

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In response to MaddMike51

Green laughtimes 2

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