Christmas Decorating

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Love what you've done with the place for Christmas Todd!

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Thanks!  A little holiday cheer comes to LP.... Santa

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Type thanks todd ..... thanks for not going overboard

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In response to Todd


where RD Light's ???  Big Grin Angel

psyko see's a tree atop^

D Lottery Post building ^

(yes>yes<yes) THERE IS A "GARDEN" on ROOF

TURN-ON D-LIGHT'sssssssss Todd  on d-tree!!

Keep givin us HOPE >>>>>>>>  Todd  ^^^^^^^!!

Protect us from.... >>>>>>>>  FEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blue AngelBig Grin SantaBlue Angel 


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If you don't see the lights, clear your cache and then click "Refresh".

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In response to Todd

thank GOD for Todd>>>>>>>$$$$$


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Very nice, love the lights!     

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In response to hearsetrax

Yeah, with our dependence on foreign oil, it would have been a shame if he had put up a big, garish display with a lot of lights. I'm glad to see he chose small, efficient LCD lights, too.

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In response to KY Floyd

Haha! LOL

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Hey Chief (Todd) I have some free time if you need help taking down the decorations. I took mine down and I kept all the green lights up, since everyone is "Going Green"!!! LOL  

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In response to plshelpme

Are you still seeing the Christmas lights?  I actually took 'em down a couple weeks ago.  Just clear your cache and they'll be put away until next year! Big Grin

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