Good luck to all Florida Lottery players tonight~

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It sure would be nice to win a Christmas Eve JP!!!  I've only got one ticket in play but i'm hoping against hope :)


Good luck and Happy Holidays :)

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Thanks!  Which game did you play?  Wed night is Lotto night, so I will play my 4 regular combinations and a Fantasy 5 ticket. 

I have one raffle ticket for New Year's Eve, so I hope I win something, even $500 (although a million would be nice)  They were just sold out a couple of hours ago.   

Good luck to you!

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Yes i'm sorry I didn't specify which one---I only play lotto and raffle.  Lotto is 38 million on a $1 draw--that would be a heck of a Christmas gift!!!


I have some of the raffle tickets and am looking forward to the draw though I don't expect to win anything.  It seems my luck is running on empty this year


Thanks and have a Merry CHristmas :)

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Gee and here I thought Illinois was good with a jackpot of $23.5 million...

Enjopy Floridians, and Good Luck...I believe this will be the highest jackpot you see on the state lotto with Mega Millions coming in January....

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.

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In response to Todd

Sorry Todd!!!


BTW there were 2 winners tonight.  I'm so jealous!!

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