Deepest Sympathy to LIC


My deepest and heartfelt sympathy goes out to my good friend LIC on the passing of her grandfather this morning. 

It is always hard to loose a loved one, especially around this time of the year, but Chinese be strong, God's got it all in control.

Love you.

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earth have no SORROW that heven cannot solve my prayers are with you

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My deepest sympathy goes out to both LIC and Tropical Gal on the passing of their loved ones this morning.

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death is always so very hard and with christmas around the corner. keep the faith and remember the lord knows best.  have my sympathy on the passing of your love ones.

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In response to baleslady

THANKs to everyone for the sympathy and thoughts, especially my good friend baleslady, Need achange, riley and hotmama.. Thanks Thanks...  I'm trying to hang in there, as you all may know, that's my Gran dFather but he's the only Father Figure that I've had as a baby , Toddler, Teenager and a Young woman..... I' m already beggining to misss him!!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone!

I'm sorry i didnt get to post the dreams that I was having a few nights before his passing!!!!!!!!!


His age came in today, I know its not all the appropraite time to talk about numbers, but if I could have told everyone much earlier, I would have let you all know that He's 75.   And from My understanding, something with 75 came already for today , didnt it???

R.I.P Daddy!!!!

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In response to baleslady

im sorry to hear this

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May his soul rest in Peace.  Have my deepest sympathy LIC

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have my sympathy LIC, hang in there gal its gonaa be just fine...uncle is goin to be really missed.....MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE!!!

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My Deepest sympathy an prayers for you and your family

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my prayers goes out to you and your family,may he rest in peace.

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In response to honey10

Hi to all, and many thanks to everyone for your sympathy and thoughts during this hard time for me.

Love you all and just wanted to let you all know that Im getting everything finalised for my GrandFather burial this week Saturday coming.

I noticed his age was falling all over the place, the 75 that is!!!!!!!!!!

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In response to longisldchinese

also my aunt is 75 today had 3 living children and 3 living sisters. she had one child die

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