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My sister had a dream last night. She said, that my mom and her was going to my mother's house and when they arrived they saw a man walking out of my mother's house. She said, that my mom said "you are walking out of my house. The man walked out like as if he stayed in the house. But when my mother said you are walking out of my house the man look toward them and pointed a gun at them. She said, that the man approach my mother and begin tying her hands up. My sister said, she took of running down the street to seek help. Then she said, that she noticed that she was running down my sister street which is 1723. The dream was strange (She was in my mother's driveway and ended up on my address).   

                                                                                                                                                                 thanks, sondra

                             P.s. From my twin sister sandra, what number reference this dreamBed

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