Congratulations to FOUR4ME on being promoted to Elite!

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I would like to congratulate four4me for being only the 12th person to be promoted to Elite status at Lottery Post!

It takes tremendous dedication and participation over a long stretch of time to reach the top level, and I think everyone would agree that four4me fits those qualities to a "T".

The rankings are a way for Lottery Post to say "thank you" back to YOU.

As a reminder, rankings are automatically calculated by the Lottery Post computer system, and are based on a formula that places emphasis on quality and consistency of participation at Lottery Post.

Once again, congratulations four4me!

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WOW! I never dreamed i would get that honor i try very hard to post accurate info. and try and spend time thinking what i might post to a topic before i post anything and not just spout of things from left field.. In a lot of topics i see people replies that for all intensive purposes seem like they just respond to the topic or last post without reading any of the previous posts in the topics. This makes responding to some topics harder for me because usually thread drift is involved and the thread goes off topic. While I'm old enough and wise enough to keep up with the best of posters sometimes i just keep some thoughts to myself.
Most of the time I make sure I read all the replies to a topic before i respond to a post. I look at each response with an open mind and post according to what i think might be worthwhile reading many times researching a particular topic or response so i can respond with the best intensions. 
I would like to thank Todd and all the many posters who keep this site lively. Todd's tireless efforts at maintaining this site and providing us with the fine tools and features he has diligently poured his heart and soul into. 

Awesome!!Party Congratulations and Happy Winnings!!!


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Dance Congrats!!! What an honor - Keep up the good work, you make for some great reads... Pogo Dance

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Congrats Four4me....!

   You've certainly lived up to the expectations of those who deserve this. Congrats again..

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Congratulation to four4me on your Elite status. Thank you for all that you do for members here at the Lottery Post.

 >Michael J. Smith, Mike's Computer Picks / Quick Nickels

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Wtg Four4me! Cheers

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Congrats to Four4Me! Hurray!

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Congratulations four4me on your promotion to Elite status. Your thoughtful responses and worthwhile remarks are the kinds of information that lottery players come to LP to find.


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Congratulations Four4Me!! That's quite an accomplishment.

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Kudos four4me.

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Congrats to you.  I hope being a member of the elite doesn't mean I can't buy you a beer.  Cheers

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Congrats four4me!

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Congratulations four4me!!


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