Has anyone noticed there are less winners in GA Keno?

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I go to a local store where Keno is played and talk to quite a few consistent Keno players. Over the last 4 days I have only a couple small $25 wins but the majority of the time I just match 1 number sometimes none.

I spoke to a lady friend who plays heavy, she told me when the game came out she was consistently winning $400 just about 3-4X a week.  As of last night she sat for 2 hours, since she plays 5 spot tickets the majority of the time she only matched 1 number and in many cases none. She did not have a winning ticket the entire night.

Something is definitely up. I've always been concerned that the computer system knows ahead of time what numbers are being played, how difficult is it to put in a command to not allow winners during a certain time period or not at all for the larger prizes?

I've also noticed the total revenue for winners is really down, not sure if the state is trying to make budget for '09 and can't afford to give up too many winners?

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