Wheel Generator 1.6

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Greetings to everyone,

I'd like to announce the availability of the new version of Wheel Generator.

Among other features and enhancements, this new version includes:

  • The ability to construct filtered coverings.
  • An unlimited set of number groups filter. Besides the obvious usage, this allows setting up banker numbers and the Low/High filter and serotic style wheels of the form x if y.
  • Two new filters: Distance and Position
  • An extensive detailed hits analysis with the ability to display winning divisions of 2,1,0 (extremely useful when playing with bankers) and the ability to expand the results up to any depth.



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Hi, do you know if this program comes with Mac version?

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In response to diamondpalace

Unfortunately Mac/Linux is not supported by Wheel Generator. I'm not sure if it is possible to run it with an emulator but chances is it will not since it uses specific Windows functions for its operation and success merely depends on how well these emulations could be in supporting these.


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There are a lot of interesting software out there, 90% of them are for PC only. I wish the software developers work on Mac version after the PC one, so that all can benifit from the purpose of the software.

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In response to lottoarchitect


Where can I get the new version of Wheel Generator, as there is no link in your post.

Thank You...JS..

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Hi js1237 and Happy New Year to everyone!


You can either google "Wheel Generator 1.6" or find the link from my profile.




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