Great new text editor feature!

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Well, it took me a few minutes to get the update straightened out, but everything looks good now.

I just installed a new feature of the text editor, which I'm guessing will be a big relief to people who have lost what they were typing in the past.

I created an auto-save feature, which automatically saves the contents of your text editor every minute, and if you accidentally lose your text -- either navigating away from the page or closing the browser in some way -- just go back to the editor page and click the little life-ring icon on the toolbar.  You'll get it right back!

There are a number of other little tweaks throughtout the site, but that's the biggest.  I hope it helps you out when you need it!

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That is REALLY cool! I've never seen that feature before in a text editor.

The problem of losing text in an editor has happened to me before, and it's always a BIG loss when it happens.

I clicked on the life ring before I started typing this message and it automatically pasted the previous post I made in the pick 3 forum. IOW, the last text I posted.

Very nice feature, Todd!!! I just noticed the life ring went into animation, I guess that's the auto-save signal? Too cool!!! There it went again.... HA!!! Love it!


I just checked it out too....very nice!

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In response to sfilippo

He, he, yes that little animation is the auto-save.  You're right, there's not anything I've ever seen out there like it, so I had to build it myself.  Glad you like it!

I'm actually hosting the project on Google Code so that i can share it with the rest of the developer community.

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I think it will turn out to be a 'must have' widget for sure.

Congrats on your invention!!!

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In response to sfilippo

I Agree! I couldn't have said it any better than sfilippo did above!

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Thanks Todd! This will come in very handy for the way I work.

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