Just say No to Tennessee?

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This is highly experimental,  but I've stumbled on to something that seems to work every now and then.

 Remember this is only a Test:

  Say No to these in your pick 5 for Tn. for tonight the 19th

1   3   8

     11  12  13  14

       22  24  28  29  27

         32  38       

  number 28 is a mabey for me.    If it works out I'll try to post more.


You did pretty good.  All your "say no" numbers except for the 27 were not drawn.  I don't know what you have stumbled upon but it seems to be worth chasing.  Keep going.

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Let's try it again

 Remember... any number is just as likely to hit, as any other number.



                    1   2   4   5   8 

                           13   16   17   19


                                    34  37  38          Try and say No to these.

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Well, not so good this time,   the 17  and  34   hit.

Mabey that  I jumped the gun a little.  Mabey that kinda kills this idea, mabey I'll try again sometime.

And I'm not trying to defend Computer Draws,  You just have to make the best with what you're,

  "stuck with",      if you want to have fun, and keep trying.

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In response to x1kosmic

Give it a few more draws before you give up on the idea. Nothing works all of the time, especially when it comes to the lottery.

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Thamnks for the encouragement  j-p's mine,   I'm not giving up.

If it's any help to anyone,  I've also noticed, these little combo's  that'll hit, skip a draw or so, and hit again.

  Say  2-10,  or 15-16,  or 10-14,  mabey 25- 28 for example.

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If it doesn't go good this time,  I'll give it a break.

   Testing:    9

           13  15  16  17

                   20  26  29 

                        31  35

 I'll be saying no, to most of these. 

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I am doing something similar to Fantasy 5 in GA, taking out a group of numbers not to be included in the next draw. At times one or two numbers will slip in being the ones that showed up in the result. However, that only happens few times a week. Keeping a track of how many times that happens, it seemed that in the 7 days test 5 days the reduced numbers dont show up, which in those 5 days I am closer to the jackpot.

So keep at it, it may not work all the time but in the long run if the theory is correct and your system of reduction is consistent it will pay off.

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      I guess that ends that,   I'll keep working on it,   and if it gets better,  re-visit this thread.


          For now, I don't want to throw everyone off.   I'll be back tn. pick 5

  That time 3 of them hit.ChairNo No        ThudSee Ya!


Also, if you use that no-no filter, you may not want that many numbers on that list


in Virginia, our cash5 game is 1 of 34, and that is already smaller than alot of other states' pick5, the odds of 5 in 34 are 1:278,000 

But it is true that the more no-nos the list has, the better the odds of winning (if and only if the no-no list does not fail).  We just need the yes and the no list to both win.

Good work, you DO have a good idea x1  Thumbs Up

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