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Well I threw together a bit of software this week since there was some interest/talk about finding lists of ALL POSSIBLE ticket combinations for any particular lotto.

This little app will generate a full set of all possible tickets for any pick 5 or 6 lotto, with or without bonus balls.  I also added in a simple filtering method so you can reduce the output by Sums, Ranges or Spaces if you would like.  This app can even be used as method to find out things like 'How many possible ticket combinations are there with a sum range of 140-150', etc.

Sum = Value of all balls added together, naturally.

Range = Difference from lowest to highest ball.  A draw of 03-xx-xx-xx-50 has a range of 47.

Spaces = Different between each ball and the next.  A draw of 03-12-28-31-50 has spaces of 9,16,3,19.

Setting 'Use Filters' to 'Yes' will allow ONLY tickets that fall between ALL criteria's min and max (inclusive). The 'Tickets Generated' display shows how many were accepted out of how many total have been reviewed (it ticks up as tickets are generated/evaluated).

I also added a little feature at the bottom which calculates combinations (odds) for any input.

This is for pick 5/6/Jackpot games, will not work for pick 3/4.  Although I can add a feature for that as well if there is interest.

Stew's Full Wheel Generator

This software is a Windows App (I run XP, haven't done thorough testing but it's not extremely complex). The zip file just contains an executable that generates a .txt file in the same location as the .exe is placed.

Download Here!

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Very nice program, now suggestions:

It has no way to abort or to stop the generation of tickets if a person changes his or her mind.

It would be nice to be able to see (Preview) the "Tickets Generated" info, before the tickets are generated, if a person only wants and or needs this info and not the tickets themselves.

If it is not possible to have the preview of the info then it is O.K. a person will just have to generate the tickets.

I made a change to the post!

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Thanks Lantern.

It has no way to abort or to stop the generation of tickets if a person changes his or her mind.

I've been working on a quick method for that, but ran into some hang-ups so I haven't included it yet. So in the mean time, users can just close with the 'X' in the top right when they want the process to stop, and re-open the app.  That will do the trick Wink

It would be nice to be able to see (Preview) the "Tickets Generated" info, before the tickets are generated, if a person only wants and or needs this info and not the tickets themselves.

The numbers scrolling through in the output status is actually the 'preview' so to speak.  The tickets don't get written to the file until after they are all parsed through and that output finishes.  That output there would be as fast as I could make a preview be generated, since everything is dynamic depending on input each time the 'Generate' button is clicked.

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This is really cool! Thanks for sharing your software with us Stew12.

Blue Angel

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Thanks for the software Stew12, never one to to pass up free software.

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No problem guys, glad ya like it!

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Very kind of you Stew, thank you!!!  If and when you are looking for changes you want to add, let me know.

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Thanks Carbob.  You're more than welcome to throw any suggestions in here and I'll see what I can do!

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Will the Mac version be out in the future? Type

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Well I haven't programmed anything to be Mac specific yet, have to do some research on that.

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Hey , good work on this app!  Is there any way you can make one for the pick 3 game maybe even the pick 5?

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It already works for pick 5 and pick 6 games. Just put a zero in the bonus ball fields.

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In response to Bigtobey

Thumbs Up

The default is setup with a '0' for the bonus ball field, which makes it work for pick 5 games.

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There is a lotto program that has no English documentation that I and 2 others took a look at and gave it some documentation kind of, that is for its filters, since we already talked about it on another thread and forum, it might be O.K. to mention it here, it is called Advanced Lotto Tool.

Let me tell you, in general, jackpot lottery programs for the most part are not very good.

This program appears to be one of the better attempts, I have only taken a very quick look at it and have never tested it, but I can see 2 things:

I might be wrong, but if I wanted to import or to paste in-to it lines (combinations) that I got by some means and wanted to use the program's filters to reduce the number of lines some, I could not do it as there is no way to paste or import them into the program, that is the first important thing that it needs.

Second its filters need to be applied in also other ways, besides what they already do in the program.

Third, it also needs more filters.

As to its stats, it needs more kinds of stats and more flexibility on the settings for the stats.

It is not a bad program, but with some more effort could be made very much better, I think that either the makers of such programs:

Don't use them for themselves or

Use improved versions for their private use or

Don't know enough about what a person needs to win with, that is what tools a person really needs to win with.

But it is not a bad program, just too basic, it is not so advanced after all, it might be better than some others.


It uses that as a sort of "Key or Number Pad" for entering the niumbers to be wheeled, as it shows it is setup for a game that has 35 balls.

But as can be seen here the entering of the numbers can also be done in this way, but not for that program:

That is how Stew12 enters his selections for his programs and that works just fine and takes less space.


As to filters, his main program has these, so far:

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Can't see the images!  :(

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