TAG number = $$


My brother's car was jacked last night in Riverdale, GA.....BLACK DODGE CHARGER.  Tag #8999. If you spot this car please call the police!  Numbers sometimes fall around mishaps.  Get on numbers around this tag #

899 - 889 - 999 (444) - 8999

*p.s....flip your 9's.....9=6


Thanks Ga girl. Sorry to hear that! Wishing you luck in finding the car!

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  Hey GaGirl - Hope your brother is okay otherwise!    Lots of GA cars find their way up here, I will keep an eye out for you with pleasure.  I take it, it's one of those typical GA license plates that lists a county?  I am amazed by how many counties GA actually has (we have only 3).  Our local cops drive decked out Chargers, as it so happens.  As far as that number, triples in the 4-digit are trickling in, looks like it perpetuates the thought.

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They found the car....although damaged....thanks!

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They found the car, although damaged,,,,thanks!

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