Dec 2 *Power* Houses



                                                                       Let's Blast These Two,




                                                                          Good Luck Everyone!!!



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good morning baby girl  i love ur 193 for today and im also playing 390 also have a good one


Thanks UNVME!!!!! I like them both!!!

In response to prosperity$

Good Afternoon pa, Good luck to you this week...

In response to trulyblessed


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 Like that 193 the best U.N.V.ME  !  1+9+3 = short sum 13 or 3


    Both short sums ........8 and 3 are very due midday


    Both those weapons in your picture look pretty scary ......... those guns do too !  LOL

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Thanks, UNV! 

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In response to WIN D


In response to WIN D

I didn't even know the third line, my focus was on your theory about the numbers, LOL,

Yea they kick major A$$...

In response to bunnylove5215

Anytime dear,

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thank you about time for 126 to start up

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