rtf or text file to bitmap/ jpeg

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Problem:: I'm trying to paste a number archive to microsoft paint and it tells me it's has to be bit map or jpeg.I want to do this so I can color things in and circle some things within the archive to show something.Anyone know how I'd be able to convert a "rtf" file to a jpeg r bitmap....or better yet point me in the right direction of where i'd be able to paste an archive other than wordpad and notepad?

Thanks in advance

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I just did a search through google using the search phrase "convert rtf to jpeg" and it shows several programs (most with free trials), and a few printer drivers that will allow you to do this.

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In response to Shawn67

Thanks...I did the search as well and didn't care to have extra software...I just figured there was a more savy way of doing it without downloading extra stuff is all

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If you got all the text visible on the screen, click Ctrl+Alt+Print Screen and copy-paste it into your image manipulation program.

If more than the text you want is copied, use the cut out tool in the image program and cut out what you want and paste it into a new window.

Then save it as an jpeg file.

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