Need your Georgia Dreams II

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I need up to 5 GA dreams. Feel free to PM me with them or post here. I will post what I come up with.  The dream must be recent.  Dream hits usually fall the day after the dream up to a few days out.

Let's get some wins for the Holiday!!

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I still need dreams.


My daughter just told me that last night she dreamed of our dog as a puppy and she (the dog) grew up to be 10 years old and then she went back to being 9 years old and later grew to be 100 yrs old.

Without analyzing anything I see 109 which hit today as 091 and 100 or 009.

100/010 and 009/090 are great numbers for tonight.

I wish she had told me this dream this morning! LOL! I had 91 and opted for 41 instead.

Dog    651  166

Puppy 876  322

birthday 7/12=  712  0712  2003 


Maltz... I feel really hot about the 00 pair... we'll see!

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morning all maltz last night i dremp that my sister and i was fighting on the front poach dont know who house we was at .she pick up a knife and i did to . she started to stab me and i stab  her back i did not see any blood .her husband jump in to help her so my husband jump in it to. sister-47 me -51 her hus-47 my hus-43. let get this money today .lord know i need it .hope this help some of us today .

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You need to play all the birthdays invovled in the dream.

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Knife: 150 474 774 744

Fight: 559 959 595 599

Stab: 313 295 953 133

Husband: 703 712 328 428

Sister: 262 285 226 522

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thank chouquounette my sister address is 510

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sister         285    261

fight          595    599

front         866   168

porch       181    518   650 156

knife         474   150

stab          133   953

back         416   272

blood        056  135

husband   712  703 428 328

help           426 847

sister-        47

me -          51

her hus-    47

my hus-    43

Age Combos  444 454 717 and 173

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I like 474 444 428 454 717 171 for tonight. Good Luck!

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059 559 for tonight


You wanted help with your dreams but you didn't list the birthday of your sister, husband and brother-in-law.

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Ga Eve was 539!


stab            953

WTG Bignana!

I forgot about this number for stab.  I really liked 509 for tonight. I saw in another post 935 and decided to add 539 to tonight's play. I am happy that I did.

I hope others caught it!

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Ga Midday 424!


Bignana's 474 (knife) showed today with the mirror 2.  Nice Job!

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861  came out 12/21/08 Michigan Midday Number.

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In response to Greatmaltz


My dream on 12/21/08!

I was inside of a house (not sure which house) I heard lots of noise.  One person yelling out Marietta.  I proceeded to go outside.  I saw people running from every directions I look to the sky and I saw planes, Yes, airplanes bursting in flames in the mid air.  I was running and the planes just kept falling out of the sky in flames.  Large and small planes.  The house that I was in burned as well.  Thanks, hope you can do something with this dream.

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