Have you ever given lottery tickets as a present for Christmas? Did they win?

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Last year I gave my brother in law scratch off tickets (he plays them all the time) and he won $100 on Christmas which was good for him.  The most he could have won off the tickets I got him was about $10K. It was funny as he was scratching them I had the feel he was going to win something and I started thinking to myself maybe I should have kept them.

He didn't win the big prize but he won something which was pretty cool, so now he always asks me to bring some scratch tickets whenever I come to visit.

Curious to know if anyone else has had any experiences with this?

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I always give out tickets to family they win some times no big wins  but you never know when the big one will be there and add suspence  as they scratch great gift  for stocking stuffer


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I personally haven't since IMO if you're going to do that you might as well just give them cash, at least they're going to end up with something other than likely disappointment.

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 Most people who win on a scratch off spend twice as much trying to win again.

I'd give scratch offs to some family members.

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My wife gives me scratchers every Christmas. Last year she spent about 20 bucks and I won $57. Funny thing is that when I play anything including scratchers, I do research. She just goes out and gets whatever. And I had more luck with hers than my picks.

Go figure.

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One Christmas, I gave a friend of mine two scratch-offs and she won $25. I was happy that the tickets I bought her won something. It probably would have been a downer for her to get tickets as a gift and get nothing out of it. However, I don't give lottery tickets as gifts to people anymore, because most of them don't really play the lottery and just aren't interested in it.

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My mom is born in December, and every year, as an extra gift in my mother's B-Day card, I give her a week long cash 5 ticket or month long powerball ticket. She hasn't won the big one yet, but I'll continue the tradition in hopes that she does!!


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I'll give a few scrathcers as presents, if I know someone is a scratcher player.

If they normally play the $1- $3 range I might get them two $5 scratchers, and if they're a $5 player I'll get them two $5's or a $10, but beyond $10 worth I'm hesitant to give presents that will most likely turn into zilch!

I figure beyond $10 they'd rather have the cash.

As a heads up, if you give tickets for a Pick 5 or Pick 6 or 5 + ! as a present, make sure to play the same set of numbers for yourself, just in case it hits!


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great advice. i hadn't thought about that and that way there are no hard feelings if they hit or the chances of you wishing you hadn't giving the ticket as  a present, especially if you need the money.

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Hi all ,i give tickets to myself,i have this little ritual i do twice a year,my Birthday Month and December,i started buying tickets on the 1st of the month and will continue until Christmas eve,I have this beautiful gift bag i put all the tickets in and i scratch them off on midnight the 24th,everyyear i have won,100 dollars or close to 100 dollars,i love it,,Merry Christmas everyoneSmiley Santa

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I have given but never received lottery tickets as presents.  But   I too, have given them to myself on my birthday.  It is the one day of the year that i spend serious money on tickets.  I buy an amount of tickets to match my age in QP's in addition to my normal ten.   I'd ather not say how many its gotten up to.  Boy to be 20 again for more than 1 reason. Party

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