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Since I love my neighborhood and home I would not want to move, let alone have it get out I had won the lottery.  That includes the people who would be viewing my bank account in my town.  I'm sure if millions of dollars were deposited into my account it would be all over town hours later and in the paper the next day.  Since I play the lottery in florida I think i would open up an account there first, then have small amounts transferred to my regular account.


What do you guys think? If you are like me and don't want others to know, how far would you go to ensure your privacy?


This is my first post (yippie) but I've been a LONG time lurker.


This solution to the privacy issue is really quite simple.  Don't deposit the winnings in your local bank.  Open a brokerage account at Schwab or Fidelity and deposit the funds.  Employees at Schwab & Fidelity are accustomed to seeing accounts with big 6, 7, and 8 figure balances.  Your account wouldn't be any different then the others they deal with.


The Powerball drawing is 45 minutes from now.  Good luck to all those that played.

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